Thursday, September 16, 2010

News Flash Via Miss Sassy Pants

Oh, my darling little Brenna.  She delights and frustrates me all the time....really ALL the time.  She was dancing around on her fawn like legs enacting the famous scene from Bambi when she declared how very happy she would be when winter finally arrived.  "I can't wait to wear my pajamas all day and never leave home"  I gently explained that she couldn't wear pajamas to school......devastating news for her, right?  She immediately pops off that she would not be attending school in the winter because she is allergic.  Huh?  No, she is not allergic to school, but to winter itself.  She was quite certain this was indeed the truth because she "always gets sick in the winter, duh, mom."  What?  It is true.  I guess I need to get her allergy information updated.....

So what creative excuses have your children given to get out of school?

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Mom2many said...

Doing push ups with heavy coat on in bathroom, lemon juice in the eye