Our Adoption Experiences

Children languish in foster care and orphanages while people wait years to adopt.  Doesn't really make much sense does it?  My goal is to help as many children as possible find their way into their parents arms.  Unfortunately, the system is difficult to navigate and as a friend put it, "it feels like a wilderness walk." 
Mountains of paperwork are daunting to even the most organized, precise people.  I am not either of those things so it took a miracle of epic proportions to get me through the application process.  The fact that I have made it through that same process four times so far should bring hope to anyone. 
Once the stamp of approval is given, the matching begins and so do some of the longest months, weeks, hours, and minutes of your life.  Then finally, the moment arrives.  Well, actually, for me there were a series of "moments."  The phone call...."you've been chosen."  Happy tears.  Driving to meet my children for the first time.  Butterflies swarming my stomach.  Waiting....then THE Moment.  Our eyes meet.  I want to soak them up and absorb their very essence.  With some, the connection was immediate and intense.  Hugs and snuggles came easily.  Others, time tended a tender, sweet bond.  "Mommy" was hesitantly whispered as if the dream would fade.  One, the battle was fought and healing brought forth a shiny new heart of gold, loving and kind.  A protector of those small and vulnerable emerged victorious, proudly able to overcome.  For those of you wondering, is it worth the hassle, the uncertainty, the potential heartbreak if things don't go as planned...it is, oh how it is.  Not to say there aren't some days that I don't want to box them up and ship them off....somewhere.  Today, is not one of those days, but it is only morning.

Brenna and AubreyAnna flying a kite.  All's good when the kite is in the air, but I had to put the camera down to console Trey when his got stuck on the roof.  I'm scared of heights so until Daddy has the time, on the roof is where it will stay.  (This has nothing to do with adoption, but the picture made me smile so I had to share it.  I know, I'm random like that.  I guess I could come up with some cheesy metaphor about kites and the adoption journey....but, really?)

If you have questions, please ask.  I'd love to hear from you. 

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