Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adoption Doula

Who can resist a "muppet" smile?
For some time now, I have been interested in the work of doulas.  Women supporting women through pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.  We need encouragement, understanding and empowerment during this crucial journey that transforms us into the awe-inspiring being called "Mother."  By hiring a doula, mothers reap many rewards.  Babies have better beginnings, mother's have less medical intervention, and rates of cesareans decrease.  What, then, about the experience of adoption?  By offering the support and encouragement of an experienced mother who has been through the red-tape, jumped through hoops, waded through mountains of paperwork, endured inspection, and waited, wanted, and waited, can we make the journey not only less lonely, but also more successful?  I believe so.  Full-heartedly. 
Far too often, busy social workers, overwhelmed by large caseloads are unavailable during times when adoptive moms are ready to give-up.  For those who are in the active stage of labor and pain overshadows the imminent joy, how many would decide to walk away if it were possible?  Many moms (and Dads) experiencing a "paper pregnancy" become discouraged, frustrated, and never experience the joy of adopting.
Ultimately, my mom was right, but when isn't she?  lol.  I can't adopt ALL of the children in desperate need of a family.  I can offer my heart's support to others. 

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