Our Family

It all started when I fell in love with a Girl Scout.  He was funny, the kids loved him and he could cook.  Who knew that feeding hundreds of Girl Scouts would come in handy later in life?  And in case you are confused, my husband was a Girl Scout.  They actually made him do the pledge and everything.  I was the camp counselor and he was the cook....now isn't that just too sweet?  Except, we weren't a "we" yet and I pretty much blew the poor guy off until many years later when he came into the bank where I worked. 

Brenna is our sassy child.  Not as in mouthy, well, sometimes that too, but the kid is certainly spunky.  She loves her Grandparents almost more than friends her age.  Why?  "Because they spoil me rotten, duh."  Oh, yes, did I mention she's also one brilliant little girl.  The child can talk.  Her vocabulary is never lacking for descriptive ways her older brothers have wronged her poor, innocent, sweet, little self.  "Weeeellllll, maybe it was right after I swung at 'em, but Mama did you see my right hook?"

Grayson is our youngest child and as you can imagine is quite spoiled.  He has a tint of red to his downy soft hair and I suspect he might have a wee bit of a temper.  As for now, he is our baby boy who delights us all with his mere existence.  His nickname is "Geez" or "Geezer," mainly because even after eight months, not one pearly white has made an appearance.  He makes this adorable face that is sure to cause an eruption of giggles throughout the house...I'll post it soon.  It will be worth checking back....

Ainsley Scarlett is our youngest daughter.  She is a girly-girl, but she can hold her own.  Fashionista extraordinaire...."Young lady, you get your behind back in there and change right now.  There is NO way I'm letting you out of this house looking like that."  She is a snuggle-bug with a tiny sweet little baby girl voice.  Ainsley made her way home when she was a mere 3 years old.  She knew instinctively that I was her mommy and hers alone...until we got home and met her brothers and sisters.  ;-) 

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