Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look Mom, I can see

Today, I took my oldest son and daughter to get their first set of contact lenses.  What an adventure.  We had the most patient optician, thankfully.  She was so encouraging and positive even throughout their nervous chatter....which was NON-stop.  It is such an odd thing really.  Touching your eyes when up until now they have heard all of the "mom-isms" about not poking their eyes out.  It was funny watching them race to see who could master this new feat the fastest.  Aubrey can pop them in and Tristan plucks them out so I guess they have something to learn from each other.  She is so independant while he just wanted me to do it for him.  Opposite sides of the coin, much like their mommy and daddy. 

Cute quote of the day, "I know you said it can't get stuck behind my eyeball, but what happens if it does?"  Now, really, did you just roll your eyes.....I did. 


Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

Eek! I'm 31 and I can't handle contacts, that whole touching my eye thing just gives me the heebie jeebies :).

NewYearMomma said...

Too funny! I can picture Tristan wanting help and Aubrey learning it on her own. I've been wearing contacts since I was about their age(s) and the best advice I can offer is to learn to put 'em in and take 'em out without a mirror. I can put mine in anywhere, anytime, and it's because I learned to do it mirror-free.