Thursday, July 1, 2010

Foster Care Madness

Ok, I have to publically apologize to those hundreds of couples who sat through my classes and listened to me drone on about being part of "the team."  I should have instead told all of you that you should prepare to be nothing more than a glorified, or villianized, babysitter to the children placed in your home by a system that is so broken it should be crushed.  And then burned, yes, burned.   The ashes should be scattered with no hope of ever meeting.  The system must be re-built with fresh new material resembling nothing of the old.  Seriously, it IS that messed up.  And I am angry.  (No, I am not talking about actually burning any buildings.  The above is really a metaphor.  And just in case someone actually happens to read this, who can help, I have some great ideas on the whole rebuilding side.)

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