Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lord, Let me teach my children well.

This morning we are preparing our home for a visit.  No friends are coming over to play.  Relatives aren't dining with us either.  It feels much more like an inspection of sorts.  Social workers are coming today for a my home.  I have friends who are social friends.  I've worked with them when I've taught classes.  We have laughed, went to lunch and even cried together.  I know "they" are just people too.  People with families and problems of their own.  Unfortunately, they are people who make mistakes...sometimes.  That coupled with the fact that they are the people with power is what has my palms sweating.  A disagreement, a misunderstanding, different perspectives.  That is what leads supervision to my home at my request.  Try to be professional.  State the facts.  Don't take things personally. PRAY.  The babies can't speak for themselves.  These precious little ones that my heart has grown to love.  They deserve to be protected, safe, always safe, please God, let them be safe.
"Things always work out," friends try to console.  But sometimes, they don't.  I've cared for those that the "system" failed.  The children whose brains were battered and will NEVER be the same.  Those with innocence lost, forever.  The beautiful little girl who is fed through a tube in her tiny tummy, all because her mommy's boyfriend wanted her to stop crying.  Stop, yes, she stopped, when her little head hit the 2x4 stud in the wall.
I know too much.  I know the system fails...miserably.  I know the social workers are only human...with the best of intentions, yet still they make mistakes.  Sometimes costly, life altering mistakes.  However.  However, my God can take even the most miserable mistake and make miracles happen.  Look at my beautiful babies.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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