Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wow, WohlgeVille has changed...

Gee, long time no post. I promise I do have a valid excuse, or two or three. Actually four would be more accurate because that is the number of children who have joined our family since my last post. And I thought I was doing something when I had eight kids, bahhhhaaahaaa. Eight I could parent in my sleep....which I don't get much of now. Not complaining, just stating.

So, in a very condensed version, we completed two domestic or private adoptions and are now kinship fosterparents. There are times when I hear of others waiting to be matched with their children, some for a very long time, and I wonder. Maybe our story will bring hope to those enduring the agony of empty arms or those with more room in their homes and heart just waiting to be filled. My family is abundantly blessed. God is so good and He has been faithful in keeping His promises. The past few years have not been without trial and as I share more, you will see that we may very well be in the eye of the storm.

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