Saturday, August 25, 2007

Some Saturday morning....

Some Saturday morning, I will actually sleep in. Everyone keeps telling me that as the kids get older, they will want to sleep in. WHEN??? Right now, I have 8 little alarm clocks that I can't seem to unplug. I haven't even been able to locate the elusive snooze button either. The closest one I have occasionally been able to find is when I use my elbow on my husband's rib cage. That may buy me a few extra minutes of sleep. He can whisper....go watch cartoons and magically they go. I can whisper the exact same words with even more force and yet nothing happens except the whine of "mom, I am HUNGRY, or But, mom, Brenna is being mean" just gets louder and louder until I am forced to drag myself out of bed. I am telling you if I could only bottle Dad's voice I would have it made!!! Self-made billionaire selling Man's Voice in a Can. I can think of a few other times that would come in handy too. Like when the car breaks down and the repairman starts in on needing something I can't even pronounce.

Ok, back to morning bliss. I want to know how it is that my children jump out of bed and the very first thing on their minds is FOOD. I mean, gee they only ate 8 hours ago right before I tucked the little darlings in for bed. My head isn't even off the pillow and they want to eat. The morning daze hasn't even begun to lift for me and they want a seven course meal. Then on the mornings I selfishly negotiate a few more minutes of peaceful half-slumber, you moms know what I am talking about: you try to sleep, but have to keep an eye half open for flying objects and ears alert for the sounds of an impending World War caused by someone getting one more piece of cereal than someone else, I ALWAYS regret not just getting up. Why??? Well on those mornings when I say...."just fix some cereal" I will spend the better part of the day mopping up the milk flooded floor, picking up cereal crumbs from some very unusual spots, and then shopping for more cereal so they can do it again sometime when I am too sleep deprived to remember the consequences.

Yes, I love my children. I really love my husband when he lets me sleep in on Saturday mornings and prevents the milk flood by making breakfast. Which by the way, ladies, he does often. Just not this morning.

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