Saturday, October 6, 2007

15 Year Class Reunion

I graduated from a very small school with a class of 15. We just had our 15 year class reunion last weekend. Looking back, I never imagined my life would take me on the journey to where I am now. I guess I had some pretty typical aspirations. Career, family, friends. Never did I think, gee, I will do foster care and experience more heartache than should be allowed then have 8 children who bring me more joy than I could have imagined. No, this isn't the life that I had pictured for myself, but it is the one I can't picture myself without.

My best friend has two children and we decided to meet for pizza prior to going to the high school football game. Her husband was less than thrilled by the idea of eating in public with 10 children under the age of 8. I am quite proud to say that my children impressed him with their manners. He told Kelly that he guessed if you had that many children you would "have" to have some order. I really think that is one huge benefit of having a large family. You have enough children to "practice" discipining that eventually you find something that works, at least part of the time!!!

The following evening we had some adult time without the children. My dad, poor soul, kept all of the kids overnight. This was a first for him and he actually lived to tell about it. My mom was out of town so he bravely stepped up and watched them for us. I am so grateful that he did because I had a great time with my friends. We got really silly and had so much fun!!! I forget sometimes that grown-ups can be just as crazy as the kids. We are planning a girl's weekend for this summer and I am going to try to get out more this year.

To be honest, as I was looking at my classmates, I couldn't believe how OLD everyone looked. The hot guys weren't even luke warm any more. Most had less hair on their heads than I do on my legs on a busy week. I, of course, look just the same as the day I graduated only without the BIG, BIG hair, the high waisted jeans, and the attitude that I know everything!!!

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