Friday, August 24, 2007

Just Who are the WohlgeWho's

Our family consists of eight children who just happen to be ages 8 to 4. Hmmmm. Just how did that happen? Invitrofertilization? Twins? Multiple, multiple births? Maybe a blended family....sort of. The question we get all of the time, "Are they all yours?" YES. Each and everyone of them are OURS. Jason and I have only been married to each other, although our children have three possibly four different fathers. No, I did not have sperm donors, well other than my husband, although he did much more than make a deposit. He has stuck around and actually parents the kiddos. We have adopted five children from foster care and have three children that were born to us. Unbelievably to some, I want more!!!

Our children are Tristan, 8; Trenton, 8; AubreyAnna, 7; Elizabeth, 7; Trey, 7; Kinzie, 5, Brenna, 5; and Evan, 4. Our home is full of laughter, our walls and furniture are more often than not decorated with crayon, and yes, our hands are full, but so are our hearts. Is it easy, is it a lifestyle for everyone, not exactly. It is my life, they are my loves. Family, Forever.

In addition to my full time gig as a Mega-Mom, I also teach PS-MAPP classes to prospective foster and adoptive parents. Ours are all considered to be special needs adoptions. I agree that the children are most definately special and I know I have needs. I need a full time maid, laundry that does itself, an extra hand or two, a limosine driver, an unlimited bank account, a reality check. Advocating for children in foster care and adoptive families is a passion. Ask a professional mom.

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Jerseygirl89 said...

Goddess bless you. I only have two and I can't imagine what you must handle every day. And you teach classes too! I better make sure my husband never reads your blog, he'll wonder what I complain about!