Monday, September 27, 2010

Famished for Fall

Ok, so I have this weird theory that I have only shared with a few close friends.....until now.  So many of us are hungry...all the time in the fall.  I think we are biologically wired to fatten up before winter.  Summer is over as is the desire to look good in a swimsuit....which never has worked out so well for me anyway.  It's almost like we are trying to insulate ourselves with a nice layer of blubber before the first frost.  That is my rationalization for eating homemade ice cream by the gallons.  It is pretty sad that my husband shakes his head and laughs as he cranks up the freezer for my 13th "last" hurrah of the summer.  Soon, pumpkin pie will be my weakness along with Carmel apples and warm sticky cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven.  Fall desserts oh, how I love thee.....

almost as much as cold, creamy ice cream.

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