Friday, January 21, 2011

Let it Snow.....INSIDE!!!

I'd have some great pics to share from last night, but instead my older kids were able to "be little" and play without the fear of being caught on film having fun with...gasp....their family.  We sat together in a circle and ripped some newspapers as we shared things that made us angry or frustrated.  The pile of shredded paper grew to a mountain right there in our living room.  We could see it, feel it, and we were talking about things that all too often keep us from those most important to us.  Then, in a mom moment I can actually be proud of, I pulled out the trash bag from Christmas that I had been saving for this very occasion.  Gift wrap was saved so we could then reflect on the blessings in our lives.   The mountain of worries was slowly covered with praise.  Slowly, because it was more difficult to think of the good especially with all of our frustration symbolically right there in front of us.  Hmmm, true to life...I'd say so. 
Any idea what comes next?  We had a huge "snowball" fight with all of that shredded stuff while "ice skating" in outrageous fuzzy socks on the hardwood floors.  It was so FUN.  Music blaring, giggles, dancing, conga line, sneak attacks on Daddy, raking it all into a big pile and starting over....and over.  Sounds loud and crazy fun, huh?  Well, it was and then Jason and I slow danced, as our children showered us with "snow" and laughter as we kissed.  Yep, all in all an awesome evening.  Silly AND romantic.....Bliss.

Oh, yeah, Jason made fried chicken using whole wheat flour that was seriously the best I've ever eaten.  Yummy....sigh.  Ahhh, perfection.

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