Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation 2010

One of my goals is to take a vacation with all of the kids every year.  We are not independantly wealthy, so it takes some sacrafice and planning on my part to accomplish this.  Vacations for us are a time to reconnect and get away from the daily tasks of laundry, dishes, and household chores.  We may not travel to exotic lands, but we get to spend uninterupted time together and focus on each other.  Right now, as I type from my hotel room with my oldest daughter by my side, I feel very grateful for my family.  My husband, rescued me tonight, from my youngest son.  Truly, he projectile vomitted on me and I sincerely wanted to puke and cry at the same time.  Just so you know, I do not "do" vomit.  I know, mom's descriptions typically include this in their job duties, but for me...not so much.  Mind you its not as if I think I am above that sort of thing.  I do plenty of dirty jobs, but puke literally makes me sick.  So it defeats the purpose of trying to clean it up when I will just make a bigger mess.  I digress...and I'm rambling, again. 
My vacation dreams are important to me because when I grew up we visited relatives or went camping occasionally.  We never really took vacations other than the one time we went to Colorado to camp.  I did get to see the mountains and go horseback riding which was very memorable....and my dad ran into a building with my grandparent's camper (minor damage).  My kids have already experienced so much more than I ever did growing up.  I just wish they realized how fortuante they really are.  It is no small thing to take this many children out to dinner, let alone, out of state.  The work involved in planning, packing, then unpacking and cleaning up is all worth it if they have fun and make some good memories along the way.  I want them to have magical childhood memories.  I'm trying to make it happen.


Janelle DuBree said...

Jamie, you are amazing and I am right with it on vacations. These are memories that will last a lifetime for our children. Our children love to talk about their vacations. I admit, I do get *almost* embarrassed when one of our kids throw a tantrum in the hotel, but the good times make up for that. :-)

Mom2many said...

This year it was a real adventure with two babies, a two year old, and two teenagers. You are so right Janelle, the memories are worth it!!! Now I just need to take more pics to better preserve those precious moments.